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Psst, hey buddy

…wanna buy a print?

I felt shady accepting money from the driver, but did so readily as A) I knew the woman B) She had cash for a print she wanted to buy.

Still felt like I should be passing her a small baggy of illegal this-r-that, but that’s me having seen too many movies. Fortunately, my obligation is simple and legal- bring one of my digital letterpress prints to yoga next Tuesday. She’ll be there. I love unexpected sales.

Just getting underway

You may have noticed a lack of blog content here in the blog area of… I’m giving it another go, as a previous version of my professional site included this more personal area in the past. I found I wasn’t updating it enough, and rightly or wrongly, thanks to my brain wiring, it felt like a burden after awhile so I deleted the posts. It was great letting it go then, but I feel the time may be right to expand again.

I endeavour to post irregularly, and mostly about what I’m working on or where you can see my work. For more personal insight, do check out my decade of posts over at I also tweet as regularjen and as jendixonarts, so if you’re hankering for more distraction in your day, I’ll be there. (Although I have a Facebook profile and page, I loathe the experience of FB, so it’s not really relevant to give you a link to a site I visit about as regularly as the dentist.)

So, yes. I’m just getting underway with my art blogging. Stay tuned. Thanks 🙂

Working beyond the canvas

It’s no secret to those who know me that I work in many different art disciplines. I paint in oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolour, ink. I draw with anything that’ll make a mark. Often I combine them. I drift between the ‘wet studio’ where I mainly work on easels, and my ‘dry studio’ which contains all the computer gubbins as well as my drawing desk.

These days I’m working solidly on a series of portraits in my wet studio and have been asked to illustrate a children’s book, which is taking place in the dry. I’m thrilled when I can simultaneously work on such radically different projects. My only complaint is my stereo doesn’t pipe into both rooms as I bounce between wet and dry. 😉