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Represented now

It’s been a busy bunch of weeks, and to be honest, I’ve also struggled with depression, but I very nearly forgot to announce the biggest news of my career to date:

I am now represented by Market House Gallery in Marazion, and their sister Fernlea Gallery in St Ives. This happened as a direct result of my carefully considered and assembled self promotion package, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Go, me! 🙂

Open Studios Cornwall 2014

Although I’m not an official participant* I’ll be opening my studios to the public during Open Studios Cornwall 2014. It runs from 24 May through 1 June, around 11-4pm. A group of my life drawing class students are exhibiting together on the other side of the valley at the Legion Hall (Legion Hall, St Gennys EX23 0NS) and Max Burrows is exhibiting at Wooda Farm (where we life draw) at Crackington Haven EX23 0LF.

If you’d like to come in to watch me work in my studios (I may be painting in the “wet” studio, or drawing in the “dry” studio) then please do. I’m at Sunset Vista, Crackington Haven EX23 0JH. You’ll know I’m open by the road sign. (I’ll be closed on Wednesday due to my teaching class and a dentist appointment in the afternoon.)

If you’re interested in buying one of my works, I have lots of affordable paintings mounted and ready for standard frames available, starting at £65. I have a chip and pin credit card terminal to accept Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal securely.

Looking forward to meeting you!

(*I didn’t have the fee at the time of last year’s signup to be in the catalogue, but I’m still enthusiastically promoting the event.)

New work going up on Art Finder

Back a month or two ago, I put some of my paintings up on an online gallery/sales site called Art Finder. I got some buzz, was featured in one of their email newsletters, and have been favourited quite a few times for my work. It was nice, but I wasn’t optimistic in thinking anything might sell through (yet another) online art site… That changed last night! I’m pleased to report that I sold one of my favourite small paintings of 2013, Feel Something. It’s now on its way to a wall in London.

In light of this sale, I’m adding more works to my Art Finder portfolio. Although I have to give them a 30+% cut of my sales, it’s better to move my work than to have boxes of wonderful art gathering dust. All in all, I’m a happy bunny.

[Update: I am no longer on Artfinder.]