Exhibition success

It’s been a long, difficult six months since I began my exhibition preparations back in November 2014, but it all came together and I am very happy to report the exhibition looks great. Not only that, but I’m getting wonderful feedback and sales! We put on a little two hour view party on Sunday afternoon which was not only fun, but hugely valuable for talking with people about my art. I found out what pieces seemed most well-liked, but also confirmed that you can’t know what people will be drawn to, as there are a few pieces I nearly didn’t show that now seem popular! It is possible to be too close to your own art to be objective, and so this exhibition is proving to be a tremendous learning experience.

As of Sunday afternoon, I’d sold three paintings, a couple of mounted drawings, and lots of postcards. Postcards are expensive to have made – and after the gallery commission from the £1 price, I only break even on them – but they allow a visitor to take away a memento or own a little something of a piece of a work perhaps they can’t purchase.

The exhibition continues in both the Blanchminster and Willoughby galleries at The Castle until the 7th, but the Willoughby ends a week later on the 14th of May.

The Castle, Bude
The Wharf
Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8LG