Exhibition – week one totals

My exhibition runs for two more weeks starting today, so I had a look at the sales totals for week one.
31 Postcards
2 Drawings
3 Framed Paintings

As of today – day one of week two – I have already sold four postcards. The weather isn’t very nice, and we’re just before a bank holiday, so I expect most of this week to be quiet. Saying that, you never can tell.

Comments in my guest book are wonderfully supportive and many visitors are pointing out their favourites. I can’t tell you how this support and appreciation for my work touches me and gives me hope for the future. I do what I do despite trends in art or what I think might have commercial appeal, and the clear message from people who’ve been to my exhibition is that they get it. You get me. Thank you.

Unsolicited advice for artists: get postcards professionally printed of your work. I watch for half price sales to order mine, upgrade the stock, and while they are still expensive, they are proving to be extremely valuable for getting my art in people’s minds and homes. I keep a stack of slightly flawed postcards (print jobs I’ve had to request reprints due to repro faults, not mine) as promotional giveaways too. Nothing is wasted and every shred of promotion is a good thing. Do this right and you will have positive results.