Huzzah! A new website (again)!

It’s not even been a year but the last iteration of this site was feeling creaky and never quite behaved as I’d envisioned, so BEHOLD, the mighty rebuild.

I’ve not had the best of health over the last month due to seasonal allergies which can only be described as sneezapocalypse (or perhaps snifflepalooza, snotnado… I digress), and being on medications powerful enough to down a moose has left me capable of doing a whole lot of thinking, but little doing. Perfect opportunity to consider my options for a new site… So here it is. The bulk of the work only took a few days, but it’s far from done, content-wise. I’ll be adding lots of art and an all-new shopping solution soon. Regular updates will be plentiful.

In the meantime, enjoy a poke around, and if there’s anything you find amiss, do use the contact form and get in touch. I appreciate it.