The importance of a file system

Ugh. My bum still aches from sitting ten hours in front of this computer yesterday, sifting through numerous digital locations for my scanned images. My desk is sitting squarely in a hole I dug myself and I’m cleaning up a couple of years or more of haphazard digital filing.

Yesterday’s marathon file system cleanup was brought about by the need for one file, one single image out of hundreds – probably thousands. And I haven’t found it yet.

So, the hunt continues and I just might throw in the towel and re-scan the work; I have that luxury in this case, but what if I didn’t? This is where my diligence is kicking in and I know that in order to sit in this chair less and paint more, I must get my digital ducks in a row.

There’s a book called “I’d Rather Be in the Studio“* – it’s a good one, and goodness knows that title is how I feel of late. So, dear friends, don’t let your files get to a chaotic state. If you produce a lot of work (and I’m guilty of stacks of finished work no one has ever even seen), then you owe it to yourself to spend a day, or even a few hours, planning and implementing a digital file system that makes sense.

* I think the next edition is only available through the author, but you can click on Kindle edition from that link above if you want it as an ebook.