Mount happens

I’ve been mount cutting and wrapping work for an upcoming summer/moving sale on this site. I’m putting the final touches on the shop section, and it’s down to the un-fun part where I figure out all the shipping tables and install the secure payment gateway. I’m hoping to have the shop area live today, but if the tweaks take longer, I’ll launch by the end of the weekend. And there will be crazy good prices, so if you’ve wanted to buy one of my smaller works in a mount (ready to frame in standard sizes), then you’ll not want to miss this chance to begin collecting my work.

Here’s what I mounted this morning: (there will be far more than this in the sale)
Mounting works like mad

I have a strange relationship with cutting mounts… I’m not great at math (I went to art school partly to avoid “real subjects”) and cutting mounts is a labour intensive process. My art on mount board is tricky to prepare for framing as each piece needs held in place by strips of board inside the mount itself. So that means, each mounted mount work is three layers of board. Sounds confusing, but it makes sense, I promise. Anyway, so that creates quite a process, but it’s worth it. As you can see, that final presentation step makes all the difference. It gives the professional polish the work deserves.