New work going up on Art Finder

Back a month or two ago, I put some of my paintings up on an online gallery/sales site called Art Finder. I got some buzz, was featured in one of their email newsletters, and have been favourited quite a few times for my work. It was nice, but I wasn’t optimistic in thinking anything might sell through (yet another) online art site… That changed last night! I’m pleased to report that I sold one of my favourite small paintings of 2013, Feel Something. It’s now on its way to a wall in London.

In light of this sale, I’m adding more works to my Art Finder portfolio. Although I have to give them a 30+% cut of my sales, it’s better to move my work than to have boxes of wonderful art gathering dust. All in all, I’m a happy bunny.

[Update: I am no longer on Artfinder.]