Open Studios

I’ve just completed my first Open Studios event, which means that for nine straight days, between the hours of 11 and 4 every day, I had a sign on the curb and strangers (and friends, and maybe some strange friends) coming into my home to check out what I do. It’s been exhausting, but worth it. I piggy-backed onto the official Open Studios Cornwall event, and in doing so was determined to go the nine day distance with the rest of the participants. In future, I think I may do things a little differently, but overall I came away with a renewed studio discipline (no going up to sun myself midday – work work work), made new contacts, made a few sales, and got more practice at talking about my work and process.

Today is a strange day, as I’m catching up with the business side of art that has been left unattended for a week. I am rebuilding this site, have spreadsheets to add to or create, and a newsletter overdue. People don’t want to see that when they come to an open studio; they expect art happening, so I painted (and painted and painted) for the open hours. Loved it, but still felt a little trapped in those strict hours. Also, as someone who suffers from ADHD and depression, being constantly “on” was tiring. I’m coming away from the event feeling a little mentally and physically hungover, but I expected to.

Now, I have a cup of Russian Caravan tea, some drum and bass music playing, and a website to build. I’ll paint this afternoon, on my terms and during the hours I choose, happily not listening for someone at the door (was distracting, but unavoidable, obviously).

In the immortal words of a Soul II Soul pop song from the late 80s… Back to life, back to reality.