Resisting the temptation

As an art teacher, it is so difficult to resist buying everything I see in educational supply catalogues or sites. I found another great resource yesterday and already mentally spent a couple hundred pounds on the needs and nice-to-haves. It’s so easy to think up classes I’d love to teach based on these shiny, new resources, but sadly, I make very little in teaching (even less than you probably think), and most of that money is reinvested in supplies already. If I didn’t love doing it, you’d think I was crazy.

I’ve trimmed that mental shopping list down to a little under £60 for a first order, assuming I achieve account approval. That in itself is a funny process, as educational supply companies are typically geared for teachers associated with a school, whereas I am an independent tutor. Fortunately, I have a good list of classes and courses behind me by now, so the track record is there. I’ve taught life drawing weekly for three years, run classes at the National Trust, the Women’s Institute, private students in my studio, still life classes at a local church, and a few kids courses too. It is a strange thing, listing those accomplishments, as it surprised me how much I’ve done in art education over the past handful of years. Feels good, really good.