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The importance of a file system

Ugh. My bum still aches from sitting ten hours in front of this computer yesterday, sifting through numerous digital locations for my scanned images. My desk is sitting squarely in a hole I dug myself and I’m cleaning up a couple of years or more of haphazard digital filing.

Yesterday’s marathon file system cleanup was brought about by the need for one file, one single image out of hundreds – probably thousands. And I haven’t found it yet.

So, the hunt continues and I just might throw in the towel and re-scan the work; I have that luxury in this case, but what if I didn’t? This is where my diligence is kicking in and I know that in order to sit in this chair less and paint more, I must get my digital ducks in a row.

There’s a book called “I’d Rather Be in the Studio“* – it’s a good one, and goodness knows that title is how I feel of late. So, dear friends, don’t let your files get to a chaotic state. If you produce a lot of work (and I’m guilty of stacks of finished work no one has ever even seen), then you owe it to yourself to spend a day, or even a few hours, planning and implementing a digital file system that makes sense.

* I think the next edition is only available through the author, but you can click on Kindle edition from that link above if you want it as an ebook.


Huzzah! A new website (again)!

It’s not even been a year but the last iteration of this site was feeling creaky and never quite behaved as I’d envisioned, so BEHOLD, the mighty rebuild.

I’ve not had the best of health over the last month due to seasonal allergies which can only be described as sneezapocalypse (or perhaps snifflepalooza, snotnado… I digress), and being on medications powerful enough to down a moose has left me capable of doing a whole lot of thinking, but little doing. Perfect opportunity to consider my options for a new site… So here it is. The bulk of the work only took a few days, but it’s far from done, content-wise. I’ll be adding lots of art and an all-new shopping solution soon. Regular updates will be plentiful.

In the meantime, enjoy a poke around, and if there’s anything you find amiss, do use the contact form and get in touch. I appreciate it.

Open Studios

I’ve just completed my first Open Studios event, which means that for nine straight days, between the hours of 11 and 4 every day, I had a sign on the curb and strangers (and friends, and maybe some strange friends) coming into my home to check out what I do. It’s been exhausting, but worth it. I piggy-backed onto the official Open Studios Cornwall event, and in doing so was determined to go the nine day distance with the rest of the participants. In future, I think I may do things a little differently, but overall I came away with a renewed studio discipline (no going up to sun myself midday – work work work), made new contacts, made a few sales, and got more practice at talking about my work and process.

Today is a strange day, as I’m catching up with the business side of art that has been left unattended for a week. I am rebuilding this site, have spreadsheets to add to or create, and a newsletter overdue. People don’t want to see that when they come to an open studio; they expect art happening, so I painted (and painted and painted) for the open hours. Loved it, but still felt a little trapped in those strict hours. Also, as someone who suffers from ADHD and depression, being constantly “on” was tiring. I’m coming away from the event feeling a little mentally and physically hungover, but I expected to.

Now, I have a cup of Russian Caravan tea, some drum and bass music playing, and a website to build. I’ll paint this afternoon, on my terms and during the hours I choose, happily not listening for someone at the door (was distracting, but unavoidable, obviously).

In the immortal words of a Soul II Soul pop song from the late 80s… Back to life, back to reality.

Represented now

It’s been a busy bunch of weeks, and to be honest, I’ve also struggled with depression, but I very nearly forgot to announce the biggest news of my career to date:

I am now represented by Market House Gallery in Marazion, and their sister Fernlea Gallery in St Ives. This happened as a direct result of my carefully considered and assembled self promotion package, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Go, me! 🙂