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Long overdue revamp

I spent yesterday completely revamping this site. It’s been a long time since I did any web work to this extent, and I must admit, it felt pretty good. I was having a lousy day and art was frustrating, so I thought I’d take the time to solve some issues with One thing led to another, and I rapidly found myself doing the whole thing over with a new theme. It’s responsive (meaning it’ll look nice on your mobile devices), and I think it showcases my work in a more modern and snappy way.

It’s all part of the unfun “business” end of art, but necessary. I dislike marketing, but it is a necessary evil to get my work in more hands – or rather – on more walls. Let me know if you find a bug. Thank you.

Back to it

Now that the local play is done and dusted, my focus is once again returned to the huge backlog of work I have going on. I’m illustrating a children’s book for a local first-time author, always painting a number of works, and wrestling a never ending mountain of completed works that need photographed, scanned, priced, and added to this website.

The amount of work I produce is massive, so massive that I consciously hold back from making all I could. I am already buried in stockpiles of drawings and paintings, and the workload of cataloguing them gets me down. I don’t sell as much as I should, but that’s largely down to the crippling task of getting things prepared for sale. I am my own best saboteur.

This is part of my journey as a professional artist. I’ll get the hang of it one day. I managed to get six works uploaded over the weekend, and at that rate, I just might get caught up around the year 2025…

Amateur dramatics

It’s that time of year again, where I paint up the sets for the local productions. The current play is Move Over Mrs Markham, and although the sets are less detailed than the last I painted, the disruption to my work schedule invariably throws my brain into a bit of a tailspin. I’m managing a little time in the studio while all this is going on, but the project most suffering from my lack of attention is the children’s book I’m illustrating for a local author, which requires hours of solid focus per day. The play runs its course this week and I’ll be glad to get back to a more solid “Jen Dixon” schedule.

Psst, hey buddy

…wanna buy a print?

I felt shady accepting money from the driver, but did so readily as A) I knew the woman B) She had cash for a print she wanted to buy.

Still felt like I should be passing her a small baggy of illegal this-r-that, but that’s me having seen too many movies. Fortunately, my obligation is simple and legal- bring one of my digital letterpress prints to yoga next Tuesday. She’ll be there. I love unexpected sales.

Just getting underway

You may have noticed a lack of blog content here in the blog area of… I’m giving it another go, as a previous version of my professional site included this more personal area in the past. I found I wasn’t updating it enough, and rightly or wrongly, thanks to my brain wiring, it felt like a burden after awhile so I deleted the posts. It was great letting it go then, but I feel the time may be right to expand again.

I endeavour to post irregularly, and mostly about what I’m working on or where you can see my work. For more personal insight, do check out my decade of posts over at I also tweet as regularjen and as jendixonarts, so if you’re hankering for more distraction in your day, I’ll be there. (Although I have a Facebook profile and page, I loathe the experience of FB, so it’s not really relevant to give you a link to a site I visit about as regularly as the dentist.)

So, yes. I’m just getting underway with my art blogging. Stay tuned. Thanks 🙂