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Teaching Ink Drawing Techniques on Skillshare

July was a big month for me as I jumped into the world of filming video tuition! I’ve recently released a class on popular learning network Skillshare, and I’m watching the student numbers and glowing reviews grow. It’s unbelievably exciting to be exploring this new aspect to my art career. If you want to try my class for FREE, hit this link and enjoy. It’s about ink drawing using hatching techniques, and will build your confidence with the exercises.

My new class on Skillshare - Improve Your Ink Drawing with Hatching Techniques by Jen Dixon
My first video tuition class! Exciting!

I plan on releasing another class in September, and at the time I write this, I’m thinking¬†it will be a class on making miniature abstract art. It was actually one of the first ideas I had for a class – based on work I was producing at the time – but is a little more complicated, so Improve Your Ink Drawing with Hatching Techniques won out as my first class release. My goal is to release a new video class every two months, perhaps with some free mini classes in between.

The free class links above are for a limited number of students, but if you miss out on that, use this one to get 3 Months of Skillshare for 99cents. That gives you access to classes on all topics site-wide – including mine – which is also awesome.

Oh, one last thing. If you are taking my ink class and post things up to Instagram or Twitter, use #jendixonhatching so I can find your work. Can’t wait to see it!

Resisting the temptation

As an art teacher, it is so difficult to resist buying everything I see in educational supply catalogues or sites. I found another great resource yesterday and already mentally spent a couple hundred pounds on the needs and nice-to-haves. It’s so easy to think up classes I’d love to teach based on these shiny, new resources, but sadly, I make very little in teaching (even less than you probably think), and most of that money is reinvested in supplies already. If I didn’t love doing it, you’d think I was crazy.

I’ve trimmed that mental shopping list down to a little under ¬£60 for a first order, assuming I achieve account approval. That in itself is a funny process, as educational supply companies are typically geared for teachers associated with a school, whereas I am an independent tutor. Fortunately, I have a good list of classes and courses behind me by now, so the track record is there. I’ve taught life drawing weekly for three years, run classes at the National Trust, the Women’s Institute, private students in my studio, still life classes at a local church, and a few kids courses too. It is a strange thing, listing those accomplishments, as it surprised me how much I’ve done in art education over the past handful of years. Feels good, really good.