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The penis joke that became more

I did a very silly #Inktober challenge yesterday that was totally a snap decision based on something in another artist’s stories… The artist is @noramaha and she linked to an account that seems to be all about the penis: @lordofschlong. After seeing the #schlongtober parody prompt of 31 days of drawing schlongs, I posted a story that I could draw 31 dicks in one day. Encouraged by the Lord of Schlong in a DM to “DOOO EEET!” I responded with CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. And so, as if I don’t already have enough to do, I devoted my entire evening of “me time” to studying and drawing thirty-one penises in pen and ink. Yup. I did that with my time.
I only wish my mom could see me now…

schlongtober prompt list and message

But here’s the thing: The drawings are pretty good. I’m pleased with them. And I learned more about male genitalia than I could’ve ever guessed. I’m no stranger to penis, mind you, not only because I’ve encountered a fair handful in my varied sex life, but I was a life drawing teacher for several years and so the drawing of genitals is not new to me. Nor is it shocking, taboo, or gross. Frankly, it’s interesting, varied, and psychologically really fascinating.

I hear you asking: Jen, where did you get so much dick reference? Well, Google may be good at lots of things, but dick pics isn’t one of them. I drew some classical, statue phalluses and a couple of anatomical specimens from there, but the gold mine for immodest models?
Reddit. If you want penises, there is a whole subreddit devoted to dudes showing their junk. I said “psychologically fascinating” a few sentences back- it totally is. Seeing how men present themselves for peer approval/arrousal is quite something. I should also clarify that not a single one that I studied for drawing was a turn-on, but I wasn’t there for a wank, I was there to life draw. I even found an “awards” post in a subreddit that ranked guys by their various attributes, such as thickness, curve, hair, bare, and so on. Incredible learning experience, I gotta say.

I chose to draw them all on one single sheet of light brown A4 mixed media paper. I used a mapping dip pen and Higgins ink. I did not draw anything in pencil first, instead I used the same “slow looking” and drawing techniques that I would in a life drawing class. Somehow, I managed to fit thirty-one penises of various sizes, shapes, arousal, and so forth onto the page. It took me about four hours to draw them, which included the time it took to choose my reference photos. Nearly all of my phalluses include testicles for context, and many (but not all) have hair. They are all perfect in their own ways. There is a censored photo of this feat at the end of this post.

Spending four hours of focussed learning of a subject is good for any pursuit, and to dedicate four hours to learning the nuances of one thing – whether it is a hand or a penis – is priceless practice of your skills. Sure, I started off giggling like a twelve year old at the #schlongtober prompt(s), but after diving in and doing it, I found true value as an artist. I guess I knew I would, but seems the experience was profound enough for me to write this blog post about it.

tl;dr [too long; didn’t read]
I saw a parody of Inktober called #schlongtober that wants people to draw thirty-one schlongs (a dick a day) and so I drew all thirty-one in four hours with a dip pen. It was an amazing, educational, and fascinating experience.

I might do vulvas next… #snatchtober, anyone?

Oh, a final note: if anyone wants a print, hit me up. I can make it happen.

censored art
See? It is totally art and totally fascinating.